Bow Wow

For a packaging class, I was assigned a fictional dog food company that needed to be named and branded, as well as come up with products and how they would be packaged. The sky was literally the limit.

After researching controversies with common dog food brands as well as the rising interest in natural dog food, I realized that there was a market for a brand that was healthy enough to please dog owners while having a fun brand aesthetic that distinguished it from the look of natural dog food brands.

The logo: simple but with wink.

The packaging was modeled after distinctive and recognizable dog shapes and were designed to carry a variety of suitable dog treats. Each package was specially labeled and with the company’s mission and ingredients listed on
the back.

When it came to extending the brand beyond its logo and packaging, I began to take a lot of insipration from
New York delis and specialty shops and developed products and supplies for a deli for dogs.