VooDoo BBQ

For a student project, I was assigned the New Orleans barbecue chain VooDoo BBQ. The founders of VooDoo BBQ wanted to share everything they loved about barbecue and deliver it with a Crescent City twist.

Inspired by the visual language of the African vodun religion and the multicultural history of New Orleans cuisine, I developed a brand based on cooking with the heart and soul.  

In the traditional Vodun religion (also commonly known as Voodoo), all objects are believed to have a soul and the capability to transform into living, breathing entity.

The concept has a strong connection to the basic principles of soul food and from there, the rebrand was born.


Typographically, I mixed weights and upper and lower case letters
to reflect the kinetic energy of something magical and newly formed.


The visual language of Vodun veves — symbolic representation of Vodun deities — was the main inspiration for the menu design and barbecue sauces offered by the restaurant.

After the initial branding was complete, I came up with some ways to extend the brand beyond the restaurant setting, including street art, heat sensitive shot glasses, and lenticular bus ads.